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“Life goes on and we get busy. But somewhere amidst all this our heart wants to sing a song that whispers that melody which we forget in the hustle and bustle. The song of the fresh morning air. The melody in a fresh cup of coffee. The whispers of the roadside blade of grass, the calm evening that descends on the city landscape. The silent symphony of the rain drops that slide by the window-pane, the reflection of sunlight through the abandoned glass jar, the soft grass that brushes by your naked feet. The clear bright night sky peeping through the city horizon. The first snow of the winter.

The wonderful music that nature creates, the innocent wishes long forgotten, the simple joys that we tend to miss in our daily lives, all these come to life in my blog. Just like music in rain and rhyme, so is the music of life and nature. I have tried to write about these, to take a small pause, a comfort food for the soul to read, to enjoy and feel good…”

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