How I met my Computer

Computers used to terrify me.┬áLike some Frankenstein tale, coming towards me with gibberish and horror all over it. One of the greatest inventions of mankind was yet an untamed beast for me. I saw the machine for the first time in first standard while at school. I very well remember the glass panes through whichContinue reading “How I met my Computer”

Sunrise in my mind

  Life is sure a gift. It’s also a roller-coaster ride. There are moments which make our minds soar but at times the tidal waves subside leaving us on low tides. But then we gotta be sure that the next tidal waves are not far, they will be here soon. The thing that matters trulyContinue reading “Sunrise in my mind”

A Leaf and the Stream

I have often thought of the streams that rush by amidst the rocks and stones and the lush green bushes. It seems to me that their journey is so beautiful, proud and modest at the same time. Proud because it seems that their course weathers away the biggest rocks, smooth-ens all rough edges in theContinue reading “A Leaf and the Stream”