The First time ‘Dessert’ was not dry

I have a fetish for anything sweet. It is a guilty pleasure in itself I know. Sweets, carbs, calories, they are enough to raise brows in all fitness oriented persons. Not that I don’t like health foods, but ice-creams are something that I can never say “no” to. I think many of you would agree with me on this.

I have had a cavity in my tooth that I had to fix and I was so hell angry on sweetened products that I quit them…and turned my back on them. But not for long though.

When the first time I tasted “tiramisu”, and it melted in my mouth like butter on hot pancakes, it was as if nothing could have tasted better. The small ice-shavings they put in there, the chocolate and coffee dippings, the creamy centre, it was enough to get all my attention. I glued myself to the spot for an hour, tasting every drop of ice cream on my palate.

It was as if I was somehow transported in the enchanting fantasy world of Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory as I have read as a child and saw in the movies. The taste of the dessert made me feel that charm a child feels in front of a candy store. It was a bit of an innocent pleasure that made me feel happy and satisfied. Though afterwards, I really felt a bit conscious for all those calories I took in. But then I could work-out and shed those. After all sometimes in life you got to be a child and feel excited for a piece of candy or an icecream cone…just to not forget that little child in us.

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