A Warm cup of joy


It was raining outside heavily. It was all grey and white and black and brown and all other colours that you miss in a rainbow, in the gloomy sky. I was there in my study biting the edge of a pen I held in my hand till I realised that I had created quite an impression on the pen if not on the page.

However in that drowsy moment as my senses lulled to the soothing sound of rhyming raindrops on my roof, I felt nostalgic. It was as if I could hear the sea waves gushing and swooshing like the frills of a silk dress. I always had loved the mountains more, but then I had always loved to watch the sun rise and set in the salty waters.

That rain-kissed evening brought to my mind the first time I saw the sun rise from amidst the waves of the sea. It was quite dark a winter morning in December. It was just as cozy and cherish-able like the cup of coffee I held in my hand. My parents and my sister along with me covered in layers of warm clothing and we were looking quite funny in layers of winter armour, all prepared to battle the cold winds, witnessed one of the most beautiful pictures nature had to offer us. And I saw the sun rise not through the lens of my camera, as I might have done now, but through my eyes. The world seemed so beautiful.

An imaginative child that I was…the mighty sun was as if a little child peeping up from the bed and into the arms of the vast sky. I could have dreamt longer but the chill in the wind stopped me from soaring high. That was the first time I saw sunrise.

For long I could never compare anything to that splendid and beautiful moment until now. As now I know something that’s beautiful and majestic as that sight that I saw that day. It is none other than the beauty of true love. Love, that warm cup of joy that makes you feel alive, makes you dream, makes you beautiful, makes you write a poem however inefficient in writing one maybe. You are born anew when you find that true love in your life…just bright and majestic as the fresh morning sun. That little cup of joy that tastes heaven-true Love.

Published by novicecontentwriter

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am on a journey from literary world to the digital world, learning several things like digital design, web development, content writing, SEO, digital marketing etc along the way. If you are reading my blog, get ready to indulge in simple thoughts to cherish throughout. I love creative writings and love to sew the creative patches into a beautiful whole, just like a rainbow. One that you would love to read and relate to. However, there would also be patches of design, development, SEO and content writing sometimes and my journey to learn them.

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