How I met my Computer


Computers used to terrify me. Like some Frankenstein tale, coming towards me with gibberish and horror all over it. One of the greatest inventions of mankind was yet an untamed beast for me. I saw the machine for the first time in first standard while at school. I very well remember the glass panes through which my curious eyes caught a glimpse of the white coloured box with a screen like t.v (this was mid 90s I’m talking about). It had tentacles emerging from on all the sides of it. Somewhere the tentacles led to a rectangular tray with alphabets and somewhere it connected itself to a cute little white toy (popularly known as the mouse, touch-pads weren’t there then) and then my glance shifted to the underneath of the table. Whoa!!! there were a hell lot of wires and boxes. It seemed to my creative imagination some sort of an alien spider. “Star Wars” was what I was thinking about then. I could almost visualize myself battling the tentacles of this dangerous beast with laser swords like a hero. Every child wishes to be a superman of some sort in their fertile imaginative hemisphere and so my first opponent was the   “computers”.

Later in my junior classes we learnt about the first counting machine called an “Abacus”and the course of its development till it resulted in Charles Babbage’s innovation and ultimately one of the most important invention of mankind. However when the world made a new companion as in a mechanical companion, I curiously kept myself away from dealing with them. So it was not at all ‘love at first sight for me’ when I met the computers.

My grades in that subject was quite high though when it came to the theories. However computer practical classes always filled my tummy with butterflies and trust me…lots and lots of ’em. Often before my computer exams I dreamt weirdly. However all of them had one thing in common,  there was a whole swarm of bots after me and I always was running away from them. I never tried to confront them at all. Now, when I am typing on my laptop writing my blog and updating my website, I really feel amazed. I have come a long way since the time when I used to think I would actually catch a computer virus, like one catches a cold. Now, here i am blogging about it.

It finally seems like i have somewhat tamed the beast. That hasn’t been without help though. Google and my husband always lent me a helping hand. However, i am still in the process of learning “How to train your dragon”.

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Hello and welcome to my blog. I am on a journey from literary world to the digital world, learning several things like digital design, web development, content writing, SEO, digital marketing etc along the way. If you are reading my blog, get ready to indulge in simple thoughts to cherish throughout. I love creative writings and love to sew the creative patches into a beautiful whole, just like a rainbow. One that you would love to read and relate to. However, there would also be patches of design, development, SEO and content writing sometimes and my journey to learn them.

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