Sunrise in my mind


Life is sure a gift. It’s also a roller-coaster ride. There are moments which make our minds soar but at times the tidal waves subside leaving us on low tides. But then we gotta be sure that the next tidal waves are not far, they will be here soon. The thing that matters truly is not giving up but having faith in yourself, having firm belief in the power of your dreams. Having said so, it can be opined that, if nothing can shake your faith, you are sure to succeed, half way there already. And when you realize this simple fact, that’s what I call “Sunrise in my mind“. It lights up your personality.

And when sometimes my faith wavers in me, I close my eyes and remember a beautiful story I heard from one of our teachers at school. I was a kid then and even after so many years, the story remains with me, in my heart, makes me regain my courage. I would like to share the story here. It is a short story, more like a snippet of the actual one that I remember. Parts of it might be missing, but I shall try to put up the essence over here.

So here goes. One day a man reaching God asked Him that since God promised man to be on his side forever then why at difficult times when he reached the lowest of his spirit, he didn’t find God? His question being said, God smiled kindly at him and bid him to come with Him and see the journey of his life. So there was the man seeing the course. He found that throughout the way, there were two pairs of feet going side-by-side. One of them was his own and the other was God’s. But suddenly at one point he found only one pair of footprints while the other was missing. He exclaimed and got so sad as he told God that…well, those had been my toughest times and you left me all alone…Father! your footprints are missing. His eyes were sad and his head drooping.

Then God spoke. God smiled gently and placing his hands on the man’s head told him kindly…”What you see are not your footprints son. It was I who held you in my arms, when time was tough. Those footprints you see, are mine.” The man was speechless at the same time overwhelmed by the love of God. His eyes were filled with tears while his heart was calm, as he knew now that God loved him endlessly.

I guess there is a part of that loving God in every human heart. That is what we call love. Love so pure that it is devoid of any reason, love for love’s sake only. He who is so loved is blessed, as he has found his God on Earth.

Well, whenever I feel low or sad, this story somehow gives me strength and fills my heart with love. Hence, I shared the story over here. Hope you like it.

Do post comments if you find the post touch your heart.

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