At School

School days are supposed to be among the most cherishable days of ones life. For me it was just the same. It has its own retro glow. Some candid moments with its own smiles and bruises. But a quick look at those glittery days make our eyes filled with sunshine…it does for me for sure and I think it does for most of us.

Authors, writers, poets and others who write, try to write or are real time writers time and again go back to their school memories and find out topics to frame their stories or poems, etc. Among Indian English novelists I loved to read R.K. Narayan’s Malgudi School Days where the writer’s pen weaves beautiful tales around a mischeivious kid Swami and his friends in an imaginary town called Malgudi. Stories of Ruskin Bond and that of Tagore and other Indian writers bear wonderful examples of childhood classics. They prove a good read.

For me, as I studied in a girl’s convent school so they maintained strict discipline there. It meant that we were aware of the certain disciplines layed down by Sister(our Principal) and were alert of her invigilating eyes from above her silver-rimmed spectacles. “Only English in school” was her rule and we waited for the tiffin break to relieve us into speaking in our vernaculars.

But ever since I grew up, I found out the immense good it has done to us. And then the other day when suddenly I came across our Principal Sister, who is now much older,she recognized me still. I was no more a kid at school now, so I spoke to her with such ease and familiarity that I would never have dreamt of at school. I told her that how much we used to be scared of her scoldings. I told her of how students used to imitate her behind her back, about the loads of fun we had at school. About our little innocent pranks etc.I went on talking and talking for an hour and more. And suddenly I realised that she had been quietly listening to me. I stopped to smile then.She smiled back and told, “look how well you speak English now”. And in a moment I saw a real teacher in front of me and there was mist in our eyes.


Do Share your snippets of school days down your memory lane…as I’m sure this never goes out of our memories.


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