A Handful of sunshine

Have you noticed how a bright morning in a cold day can make you smile? So it’s a fact that a little sunlight (considering it’s not the hot hot summer, like the really hot atmosphere) might actually help you to uplift your mood and do away with the sullenness.

Though personally I kind of love the rains. The drizzles I mean. The ones that make you feel romantic. The showers that make you look all sexy giving an all drenched look to your wardrobe. I love the rain as it makes me all poetic and stuff. And I love the sun just when it peeks through a mesh of black clouds after a short shower. It smells so lovely, only if you are away from garbage I assume…😁

While as a kid we learnt a primary rhyme that goes somewhat like this:

I love the pit pit patter of the raindrops…

I love the roar roar roaring of the sea,

But the sound I like the best;

The very very best is to know that-

God loves me”

I was talking of the sunshine though….my bad! the rains drained me…I mean dragged me through.

How many of us as a kid tried our best to look at the Sun without blinking…as if to test who’s stronger! I remember taking my protracter from my geometry box, you had transparent plastic ones…and I looked through it at the sun and whoa!! There right in front of my eyes was a rainbow…all the seven colors bright. A tiny drop of water on a leaf shining like a pearl in sunshine, isn’t that wonderful?

There are so many cute things we did as kids. Removed from the virtual world we dwelt in the natural world giving a release to our creative instincts. There were so many games we played as a kid, many which we made up on our own. We didn’t have to bother about the world…every kid an emperor of his own little world of dreams. That’s where geniuses are made. Looking back I feel the sunshine glittering still in the plastic protracter of my school compass box…still giving warmth and making me dream. Let’s try to keep that child awake in our hearts and not grow up so fast.

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  1. What a wonderful piece. Brought back memories of my childhood. Keep more like these coming.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the appraisal Suman…😊
      And sure the posts shall be on the go…God bless


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