Growing Up


I grew up amidst my parents and grandparents, sibling and cousins…a joint family as one calls it. Though you don’t get to see such families a lot these days. Curiously enough our house never had a name plate. I think it’s because there were too many opinions and my grandfather, the eldest of the family, never got to decide. So instead of it our house had a yellow name tag on the door which read the name of my grandfather in alphabet stickers. Some of the alphabets missing, me and my sister sketched it with felt pens when we were kids. It was amateurish.

Our house always was having some sort of flower springing in the garden bushes. Some of them planted by my mother and others planted by nature. Some of them as birds flew past dropping seeds of fruits. We had two mango trees, one grapefruit tree, two lemon plants two coconut trees and a guava and two papaya trees. So these comprised of the ones that could be eaten. The non-eatables included a line of rose bushes, marigolds, sunflowers, bougenvillas, a beautiful orange coloured wall creeper(the name of which we didn’t know) and a lot of other flowers. When we were kids and summer was in its sway, we used to sleep in our garden placing mats on the varendah and my mother used to tell stories till we slept. Sometimes it was my grandfather who told us stories. While my elder grandpa used to love telling stories of kings and wars and adventures, my younger grandpa told stories of princesses and fairy tales and such which give a smile while you sleep.

My mother used to make up unlimited stories on her own. After the days work, tired as she was lulled herself into telling us wonderful tales. And from her I knew that no true wish made from your heart goes unanswered. So I used to look at the stars on a clear night and secretly wish for a Prince Charming to come for me and dipped my face in my mother’s lap. While my sister slept midway of the stories, I stayed awake till the story completed in a happy ending. I always wanted to get to that point of the story that seemed to be the happiest part. I think that might precisely be the reason for all the positivity I have in me. No matter how cold it seems in life at present, I believe that spring is near, I believe in happiness. Hence my blood group spells right…I’m an ‘A positive’.☺

There was one story which was my favourite. Later I knew as I grew up that it was the one of the “Beauty and the Beast”. I heard it from my grandpa and often used to nag him into telling it almost everyday after every other story until I slept. Later when I grew up and studied English at school, further as I pursued literature as my graduate and post-graduate subject then I knew that this story was so famous. I wrote a paper on that. I emphasized the symbols used in it, the underlying structure and dissected the story in many literary critical standpoints. But all through my attempts at the core of all this was a little girl sleeping on the varendah in a moonlit summer night, her head on the lap of her grandpa. And her grandfather telling her a story, the story of “Beauty and the Beast”. So now I know what is the strongest force that can be, yes you guessed right, it’s ‘laziness’☺…just kidding…”true love”❤ it is. Now you know.💕

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Hello and welcome to my blog. I am on a journey from literary world to the digital world, learning several things like digital design, web development, content writing, SEO, digital marketing etc along the way. If you are reading my blog, get ready to indulge in simple thoughts to cherish throughout. I love creative writings and love to sew the creative patches into a beautiful whole, just like a rainbow. One that you would love to read and relate to. However, there would also be patches of design, development, SEO and content writing sometimes and my journey to learn them.

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