A jar of fireflies


Fireflies had always amused me. I had always kept wondering as a child that whether the yellowish orange light of the insect was real fire. I bet all of us have the same question when we see one,and I was no exception.

My grandpa had his own way of telling a story and explaining things to me. So when I asked about the light in the firefly he came up with a story. Here it goes…” Once upon a time( as every tale begins with) there was a firefly. It was a small insect which lost his parents as a child. So not knowing his parents, he went to a swarm of houseflies. They threw him out. Heartbroken it went to butterflies and they were too proud to talk. Evening dawned upon and feeling sad it went to the bees and the flies and the dragonflies and everyother insect that could fly but everyone turned him away. He felt lonely.He could not trace his path in the dark and therefore couldn’t find his family.

So the firefly started crying and soon fell asleep. In his dream came a beautiful angel who told him to wake up next morning and drink the rays of the sun, which is the king of the sky and as such the master of all things that could fly. The angel then wove its wand in glittering colors and startled the firefly woke up. Soon he was blinking in the sunlight. He remembered his dream he had last night and started drinking the rays of the sun till it was full. Satisfied, it again fell asleep. He woke up late at night when everrything was dark and whooaaa to his surprise found that there was a little piece of sunlight under his little wings. Overjoyed he started flying in the dark while other insects searched for light.

🌜From then on fireflies started having lights under their wings and showed light to man and animals in a dark night when the moon hid under the clouds.”

….This was his short story. As you would ask me now did he find his parents with the new torch in his butt? I had the same question. Also I remember asking that why does the light have to be there only, why not have light in wings rather? You might also ask that since the light is on the rear end how does the insect light his own path?

Now you might ask a bunch of other questions as well, just like I did when I was a kid. But anyways each story can have a thousand beautiful ways to explain it. Just depends on how you want your story to be.

So why not let me know your great suggestions, a cute little version of your own story of the fireflies. Let’s try to tell stories.It would be lovely…

Do leave comments to let me know…☺

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